Electric Garden (2024 ~ ongoing)

The garden is created in collaboration with the gardening team of Hof van Cartesius and the team of Creative Coding Utrecht.

Supported by Creative Coding Utrecht

This is a sub-project of Tree-001.

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Workshops related to Electric Garden ︎︎︎ ︎ Gardening as Electricity Making


A research building an electricity producing garden. The project creatively explores the collaborative possibilities between natural ecosystems and digital systems.

The garden produces electricity by harnessing the metabolism of anaerobic bacteria living in wet soil, using a technology called Microbial Fuel Cells. Each container acts as a battery and is equipped with electrodes that harvest electrons emitted by the bacteria. The plants and insects in the garden feed the bacteria, allowing electricity generation to continue as long as the ecosystem thrives.

The research continues, towards developing artistic uses of this electricity. By building devices and software that use minimal electricity, the artist plans to power or influence small digital artworks using the electricity produced by the garden. Public workshops are held to collaboratively explore the meaning and possibilities of this garden.

︎June 2024 the garden is built and energy harvesting infrastructure is set up and is maturing.

︎ Showing at Composting Computers expo ( - The intermittent radio signal powered by garden electricity influences the digital artwork. (prototype)

︎The process of garden building in May-June 2024 at Hof van Cartesius in Utrecht, with the support of Creative Coding Utrecht, and the gardening team of the Hof.

︎Sketches of the garden

      Artist Notes