Getbol Lab (2023~ongoing)

Co-founders & members
Sunjoo Lee
Keumhwa Kim
Junghwa Kim
Unknown Kim

Supported By
10000 Arts 10000 Acts (Delightfull)
Gyeonggi Creation Centre
Sihwa Lake Saver
*And Sunjoo Lee’s activities within Getbol Lab were partially supported by Stimuleringsfonds.

An interdisciplinary research collective co-founded by Sunjoo Lee, Keumhwa Kim, Unknown Kim and Junghwa Kim. The collective investigates the tidal ecosystem through art, technology, landscape, and humanities. We focus on the dynamism of the wetland ecosystems such as unpredictability, disorder, dynamics, complexity, hybridity, resilience that lie within. ‘Getbol’ means tidal flats in Korean.

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Getbol Lab 2023 Activities:
︎Seminar #1 and #2
︎Summer Residency 2023
︎Workshop #1 and #2

Main area of research of 2023:
Mudflats of Sihwa Lake and Daebu-Do

Seminar 1. ‘Getbol: From Marginal Area to Gateway’

Speakers and title:

︎ Kim Jun ‘ The anthropological value of Getbol and the sustainability of fishing villages’
︎ Koo Bon Joo ‘Investigating Getbol through Darwin's last idea’
︎ Park Sun Mi ‘ Habitat Conservation and Biodiversity’
︎ Yoo Young Soo ‘ Getbol, Is it the land of people or the land of the sea?’

Location: Seoul Sungdong Social Hub Centre
Time: 2023.07.21 / 14:00-17:30 KST
Language: Korean
Curation: Keumhwa Kim, Junghwa Kim
Organisation: Delightfull and Getbol Lab

Seminar 2. ‘Tidalectic Landscape’

Speakers and title:

︎ Jeewi Lee ‘Tides’
︎ Sujatro Ghosh ‘To Where the River Flows’
︎ Juliane Tübke & Alison Darby ‘Deep in the Meadow’
︎ Erin Putalik ‘Enduring Stories on Changeable Ground: Dunes as Cultural Landscapes’

Location: Online
Time: 2023.09.21 / 14:00 - 16:30 CET
Language: English
Curation: Keumhwa Kim, Junghwa Kim
Organisation: Delightfull and Getbol Lab

Artist Residency 2023

Participants: Unknown Kim(Sond Artist), Sunjoo Lee(Media Artist)
Organisation: Getbol Lab, Delightfull
Location: Daebu-Do & Sihwa Lake, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea
Duration: 2023.07.01 - 2023.07.28

Workshop #1 ‘Acoustic Territories’ by Unknown Kim

A half-day field recording workshop led by sound artist Unknown Kim in collaboration with Sihwa Lake Saver. This workshop took place during the residency 2023, at Daesong Wetland in Sihwa Lake.

Time: 2023.07.21 19:00-21:00 Online, 2023.07.23 14:00 - 18:00 Sihwa Lake
Location: Sihwa Lake Daesong Wetland (partially online)
Organisation: Getbol Lab, Sihwa Lake Saver, Delightfull

Workshop #2 ‘Machines on Mudflats’ by Sunjoo Lee

A half day electronics workshop + discussion held for local participants, who came together to share thoughts on the localisation and sustainability of machines in the wetland ecosystem and culture.

Time: 2023.07.27 13:00 - 17:00
Location: Gyeonggi Creation Centre
Organisation: Getbol Lab, Gyeonggi Creation Centre, Delightfull

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