The Flight (2022)

Project direction, algorithm programming
Sunjoo Lee
Main actor 
Cuckoo 62395
Cuckoo location data
National Institute of Biological Resources, National Migratory Birds Center
Professional advice on cuckoos
Dong-Won Kim, Jinwon Lee
Algorithm programming and advice
Sekwon Choi, Jip de Beer, Taiho Lee
Interaction object development
Ko de Beer
Artwork structure and exhibition production
C2 Artechnolozy
Funded by



Generative Youtube video streaming artwork, following the migration flight of a Common Cuckoo with tracker #62395 from S.Korea to Botswana.

By encouraging other-than-human beings to penetrate the human realm using human tools, systems, infrastructure, we may be able to embrace more of the ecological values and seek alternatives to human technology use. In this project the Cuckoo's movement controls the internet search algorithm, an alternative navigation through the internet.

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Autumn and Spring migration route of Common Cuckoos tagged by Korea National Migratory Birds Center.

Cuckoo with tracker #62395. This individual’s migration data controls the video installation.

Installation Running time and scenario:

The algorithm reads the geolocation of the bird line by line, and searches on Youtube the placenames:

South Korea - Yellow Sea - China - Vietnam - Myanmar - India - Arabian Sea - Somalia - Kenya - Tanzania - Zimbabwe - Mozambique - Botswana and again back to South Korea.
The whole day of 10 hours exhibition is the full running time of the installation.

Total 7 channel video, with an egg shaped touch sensor for interaction.

2 channels:
  map indicating the location of the bird
5 channels:
  Youtube search results streaming

      Artist Notes