The Mud Walkers (2023 ~ Ongoing)

All robots made by Sunjoo Lee

Funded by Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industrie
A large part of the project was done at an artist residency at Het Lage Noorden.

The project was inspired from the field research trips led by NIOZ, with generous support of scientist Allert Bijleveld. Sunjoo Lee was given the opportunity to join the research team for the three different research trips to the Wadden Sea.

An evolving series of robots that walk on the Mudflats.

The robots are made with electronic circuits, motors, and tree branches, and are battery powered. Through feedback process between the artist and the environment, the robots evolved. The electronic creatures, seemingly alien to the wet environment, slowly become creatures that adapt to the mudflats.

The robots were a medium to get into conversation with the mudflats for the artist, as well it is a reflection of the mudflat being the birthplace of terrestrial life, a place of evolution, and a place of death for many organisms to break down into earth again.

      Artist Notes