Tree-001 (ongoing)

Collaboration among Sunjoo Lee, Timm Donke, Seokyung Kim.

The project is still in research phase. A public workshop is coming up.

An essay published at Society of Cultural Anthropology

Presented at MU as a work in progress, as part of Documenting Complexity series.

Funded by Stimuleringsfonds

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What does it take to livestream a tree on a website for 600 years of the tree’s lifetime?

Tree-001 is an ongoing research project, that aims to live-stream a living tree on a dedicated website as long as the tree lives. The research continues in acquiring new ways to sync the network and the related electronics to the tree’s lifetime. The tree, an earth-bound, long living creature that grows slowly and may live hundreds of years, is the main character that sets the clock and the conditions of our experiments.

At the moment a basic dummy version of the installation is live at The plan is to plant the tree in the state forest soon and set up a DIY low cost low energy off grid livestreaming system.

And the research on renewable energy source continues, with experiments on making microbial fuel cells and earth batteries.

Please read more about it at We also organis workshops to learn and generate ideas together.

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