The Wild Trace (2022)

Exhibition ZER01NE Day 2022
30 September - 03 October
SFactory, Seoul, South Korea

Direction, Camera
  Sunjoo Lee
  Jin-Won Lee, Haeni Kim, Myung-Chan Cha
  Unknown Kim
  Florent Alias
Funded by
Photos Credit
  Sunjoo Lee, ZER01NE

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A journey to find cuckoos starts at 4 a.m. on the 6th of June 2022, at Gimcheon, South Korea. Cuckoos are migratory birds that fly from Korea to Africa and back to Korea every year. The Wild Trace is a short documentary that records a half-day field research session following Dr. Lee Jin-won's research team, who repeatedly catches, measures, and releases cuckoos every spring.

The team installs a wide net in the empty field between the mountains and the village. Right behind the net, a 3D-printed plastic cuckoo is set on top of a rod with a speaker playing the bubbling call of a female cuckoo. Male cuckoos are attracted by the sound and fly around the net, and after a long while, one is finally caught. At the end of the session, the researchers equip the cuckoo with a satellite tracker on its back.

Full Film:

The Wild Trace was exhibited at ZER01NE day festival alongside ‘The Flight’ installation.

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