Bodies within Bodies (2022)

We build sci-fi scenarios that talk about endosymbiosis in peculiar ways.

Starting from the premise when our minds can be plugged into other bodies; electrical bodies co-existing with biological, we will uncover surreal possibilities of becoming containers: becoming radically porous bodies to host others inside, and to be within other bodies to live as multilayered community of hybrid organisms.

1st day:
A walk in the forest with ecologist Jap Smits.
2nd day: 
Guided endosymbiosis meditation + writing sessions
3rd day:
Writing fictions with 3 different scenarios
4th day:
Splitting into groups and making artworks together based on one participant’s writing of choice
5th day:
Finishing artworks + final presentation

︎5 days workshop at Artez University of Arts Zwolle

Final Results made by the participating students:

      Artist Notes